One-Hour Fitness: How to Get Lean, Muscular, and in Great Cardiovascular Shape in One Hour or Less a Week

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If your exercise program is letting you down, keeping you fat or just want science-backed guidance in plain English, this program is for you.

Most people exercise very inefficiently, spending many hours weekly, sometimes even hours daily, trying to get in shape.

And their results are poor.

In fact, it's no exaggeration to say that

Are you still overweight after exercising diligently for a long time?

Sadly, millions of people don't get good results from their exercise, which is based on the antiquated idea that you can lose weight by burning calories.

It's extremely difficult to do that, since exercise burns a lot fewer calories than you think, and it's trivially easy to eat more calories than you burn. One blended coffee drink or bran muffin and you've just eaten more than you burned off in 45 minutes of exercise.

The problem? Standard exercise programs don't help you build muscle.

Building muscle is what you really need to lose fat and keep it off. While diet is very important, the right exercise program makes all the difference.

Have you wanted to build muscle and lose fat, but you were put off by the amount of time it takes?

Conventional strength training uses a high volume and frequency of exercise, and many trainees spend many days a week, doing many hours of training, in building muscle.

Spending that much time is totally unnecessary, if you know what you're doing.

Welcome to One-Hour Fitness, a life-changing fitness program

I'm P. D. Mangan, and I spend a grand total of one-hour per week in the gym.

Doing that, I've added 30 pounds of muscle, have low body fat, and I'm in great cardiovascular condition at the age of 64.

In this program, you will discover EXACTLY how to

  • build muscle
  • lose fat
  • be and stay in great health

The best part? You’ only need to invest in one hour, or two 30-minute sessions, of exercise weekly.

This method not only works for me and my clients..

It’s backed up by solid scientific evidence.

Look, you NEED to build muscle.

In the U.S., only 12% of the population is lean and healthy, with adequate muscle and a low, healthy level of fat.

More muscle means better health -

Muscle acts as a metabolic booster, leading to lower blood sugar and insulin, which in turn means much better metabolic health, and much lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes - not to mention obesity.

As you grow older, you lose muscle, and very old people have, , only half or less of the muscle they had when young.

The result is weakness and frailty and nursing homes.

Exercise that doesn't build muscle is ineffective and doesn't address this problem.

We've been told to do aerobic exercise, but it doesn't build muscle and is a grossly inefficient use of time.

One-Hour Fitness is the solution.

Get lean and muscular and in great cardiovascular shape in only one hour a week.

In two, 30-minute sessions, you can achieve great growth in muscle and increases in strength.

At the same time, you can get great cardiovascular conditioning - without any "cardio" or aerobics.

But you have to know how.

Most people get poor results from their exercise programs, despite spending long hours in the gym or jogging on the street.

You can eliminate those long hours, and get far better results.

You can lose body fat, and gain muscle, and get a stronger, healthier, and more attractive body.

The most candid women I've helped tell me they enjoy their new, firmer, rounder posterior :)

The men, candid or not, tell me they love how they look and feel. Who knew the secret to looking good in a t-shirt is to be lean and muscular?

The key is to discard most of what you've heard from mainstream health sources.

If you're a beginner

  • One-Hour Fitness will show you the ropes, so you don't make the same mistakes others make.
  • You’ll get a step by step action plan including video demonstrations showing you exactly how to perform each movement

If you already have experience in strength training

  • you’ll be learning the secret to get better results in less time
  • this program will show you how to make the change from conventional, high-volume and time-consuming workouts to a time-efficient and more effective routine.


"I love my 10 - 15 minute intense workouts... incredibly liberating to walk in, work hard, walk out." - Nat Stewart, @natstewart5

"Since finding your program, with its simple design, I actually love my Mondays and even I also look forward to my interval days. Not something that I would have ever thought.... I am a Caucasian male, 50 years of age and I have never really been the workout type. Time, knowledge, etc was a barrier. Your program fixed all that. I am truly truly grateful to you." - Géorn Van Heerden, @DudePeculiar, Johannesburg, South Africa

"I bought your course on Saturday and I find your approach really refreshing. Challenging the status quo is awesome! Did my first session on Sunday following your program. I have done some weightlifting before but not for a while. Really attacked the session - couldn't do the dips as my arms were shot. Anyway my HR was up as if I was doing intense cardio session...great stuff! My arms were stiff like they have not been in a long time!!" - Wilko, @okliw

"Since following and doing what @Mangan150 teaches for about 5 months now, a funny thing keeps happening: Every now and then I catch myself staring at the white wall that is right next to me at the office. I then start wondering: If I run right at it as fast as I can… what will give first?

The concrete or myself?

I'm not sure.This doesn't seem obvious anymore.

Thank you, man.

You really helped a guy out.

Haven’t felt as clearheaded and strong in… ever?!" - Alex Grossman, @alex_grossman

Here's what you get in this program.

*68-page book in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (for Kindle) that tells you 

  • which exercises you should do - most training programs don't focus on the right strength training exercises
  • how you should do them - most people who train in the gym hardly know what they're doing
  • how much exercise to do and how often to do them
  • how much time you should take between exercises
  • which foods you should eat - and which you should avoid - to build muscle and lose fat
  • how to increase the cardiovascular component of your workout
  • how much recovery time you need and why that's important
  • two techniques you can use to increase the effectiveness of your workout
  • why women need to do resistance training, and why they have everything to gain and nothing to lose from it

*Eight videos: one to introduce the basic concepts, and seven to demonstrate how to perform the exercises.

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One-Hour Fitness: How to Get Lean, Muscular, and in Great Cardiovascular Shape in One Hour or Less a Week

72 ratings
I want this!